Shine your LIGHT

Hello beautiful lady,

I honestly believe in divine timing and if you are here, on this website, reading about this opportunity - you are exactly where you are meant to be.

Let’s start with some questions…

(Maybe you’ll be able to relate) (I totally did)


Are you passionate about helping others and making an impact in the world?


Are you into spirituality, health and wellness and have a passion for sharing with others?


Do you dream of being financially free and able to work from you laptop anywhere in the world? 


Do you wish you could travel endlessly to your hearts desire, invest in personal development and go on retreats worldwide? 


Do you want to create a 6 or even 7 figure income for yourself? 


Do you dream of being part of a community of supportive, likeminded people?


Want to be a GODDESS but don’t know where to begin? Feel awkward at the thought?

Can’t figure out why you can’t seem to find your people, let alone your soul sisters?

Do you feel like you are destined for MORE but just don’t know how to get there and the steps to take? 



If you said yes to any of this, you’ve come to the right person. Join my Doterra team today and you will be personally mentored by myself to both financially free yourself and upgrade your health in every area of your life. 

What to expect:

- Your own set of Doterra Essential Oils 

- Your very own Shine Your Light Digital Ebook to keep forever

- Access to the My Wellness Essentials Community on Facebook

- A 1:1 one hour Wellness Business call with myself where we will dive into the exact steps you need to take to upgrade your health and wealth along with 2 x 30 min follow up sessions where I hold you accountable and check in with you to ensure you are THRIVING in every area


What is in my Shine Your Light Ebook that you will receive? 


Week 1: All about Alignment

Week 2: Self Love & Shining Your Light

Week 3: Mastering Your Mindset 

Week 4: Morning Routines 101

Week 5: Manifesting Magic

Week 6:  Nutrition & Natural Beauty

Week 7: Goddessence and the Divine Feminine

Week 8: Conscious Connection & Community


You deserve to be able to create the life of your dreams. You are worthy of abundance and of feeling VITAL. You do not have to struggle and you do not have to live a stressful life. Life can be complete and utter magic, you just need to say yes to the niggle. Join myself and my community of likeminded men and women who have all said yes to more. I've got you. 

Are you ready? 

Email me when you have purchased your Home Essentials Kit and clicked through to become a Wellness Advocate and we will book in your 1:1 hour call and will I send through your very own copy of my Shine Your Light Ebook!

My email:

I AM SO EXCITED TO MEET YOU! Your whole life is about to change.


Anthea xx