Shine your LIGHT Coaching Program

Welcome to my Shine Your Light coaching program. This program is for the woman wanting to connect into her divine feminine, manifest her dream life, upgrade her health, sparkle from within, deepen her spiritual practice, become a natural beauty queen, nourish her body, find her soul sisters and transform her life in every area. 

I help women Shine Their Light because I believe that within each and every one of us there is a spark that when ignited allows us to simultaneously embody and radiate joy, love and light.

I honestly believe in divine timing and if you are here, on this website, reading this program - you are exactly where you are meant to be.

Let’s start with some questions…


Are you feeling stuck? 

Want to be a GODDESS but don’t know where to begin? Feel awkward at the thought?

Can’t figure out why you can’t seem to find your people, let alone your soul sisters?

Feeling as though you are riddled with self-doubt/confusion about what you want in life and which path to take/feeling bleh and uninspired and not in control?

Feeling like you are stuck scrolling social media endlessly comparing your everything to everyone?

Catch yourself being negative, rolling out of bed in the morning feeling low and tired and just can’t seem to shake off the feeling of “whats the point?’”

Can’t seem to get into or stick to a healthy routine?

Overwhelmed when it comes to spirituality?

Do you feel like you are destined for MORE but just don’t know how to get there and the steps to take? 


If you said yes to any of this, you’ve come to the right person. This program was created for HER (the girl I was five years ago). The girl riddled with self-doubt, lacked connection, utterly lost, who hated what she saw in the mirror, who felt alone and completely disconnected from her body. I have designed it to include the knowledge, experience and everything I would have asked a fairy godmother for five years ago to help me with. 

What to expect:

- Weekly 1:1 Coaching calls via zoom with myself 
- Your very own Shine Your Light Program guidebook to keep forever

- Voxer access to myself throughout the 8 weeks


Week 1: All about Alignment 

Week 2: Self Love & Shining Your Light

Week 3: Mastering Your Mindset 

Week 4: Morning Routines 101

Week 5: Manifesting Magic

Week 6: Nutrition & Natural Beauty

Week 7: Goddessence and the Divine Feminine

Week 8: Conscious Connection & Community

and SO MUCH MORE. Are you ready? Just fill out the consultation form attached and send back to me and from there we can book in our complimentary 20-minute consultation. 

I'm excited for YOU!


Anthea xx