Shine YOUR light Sunday: Secrets to Self Love and Success

February 18th, 2018

Do you struggle with body image? Do you ever feel like you hold yourself back from achiveing in health/wealth and happiness? Do you ever find yourself comparing your life to others? Are you after tried and tested ways to ditch the negative self talk, awaken your full potential and discover your own incredible uniqueness in order to live, create and manifest the life of your WILDEST dreams TODAY?

Join me in this two hour intensive workshop in which I will reveal my tried and tested secrets to self love and success.


- A grounding meditation and breath work

- What truly is self love and how we can apply it practically and daily into every area of our lives

- Becoming a super attracter and how to create your own reality

- Unlocking your creative feminine power

- How a kickass mindset is the key to your WILDEST dreams + rewriting your story

- Maximising your day, how to create a solid routine and priming yourself for the day

- How to be consistent and relentless in the pursuit of your goals and dreams WHILST prioritising self care

- Applying mindfullness into our lives and how to declutter and create space in every sense of the word

- Finding your tribe and attracting HIGH VIBE relationships + knowing when to let go of those that no longer serve YOU

- Q and A's

I cannot wait to see you there beautiful!

Lots of love,

Anthea xxx

Manifestation and Magic: Vision Boarding Workshop

February 2nd, 2019

What do you see for 2019? We feel that sometimes words and goals can get in the way of your personal power and potential. That is why we have created a day of PLAY where all we ask of you is to show up exactly as you are and to dream BIG.

Join Tahlia and Anthea for a day of high vibes, play and connection. Each woman will leave with their very own divinely inspired vision board, new likeminded soul sisters and clarity for the new year.

What to expect:
- Guided Visualsation meditation
- Journalling activities designed to stimulate your vision 
- Everything you need to design your very own magical vision board
- A hand picked gift bag for the new year 
- How to use your board to create the life of your dreams

We are so excited to meet all of you and to hear all about your dreams.

Lots of love and sparkly magic, 
Anthea & Tahlia xxx